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Packing company for the packaging of foodstuffs.

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You want to enter the market with your food product, such as pancake flour or pine nuts. For a good stock you have to pack large numbers! Outsourcing the packing work is then ideal. We do this for large and small (organic) supermarkets, market traders and regional and farm shops. But also for self-employed persons, web shops and wholesalers. In addition to packaging, we provide food-related services such as mixing, grinding and sieving.

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How do your customers first come into contact with your product? Right, through the packaging. ROEKL is specialized in small packaging of food and drinks. So that your product scores points from the first moment of contact.

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Outsourcing packing work, what does it cost? For a good quote, we first talk to each other. Of course we ask what you want to package, how much and in what packaging material. Contact us using the details below:

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