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Packing and filling

How do your customers first come into contact with your product? Right, through the packaging. ROEKL is specialized in small packaging of food and drinks. So that your product scores points from the first moment of contact. We handle your product and the packaging materials with care; as if we were wrapping a gift. We weigh or fill just as accurately. For food safety, the contents are checked both manually and mechanically. Finally, we close the packaging exactly as intended.


A crunch machine is running at full speed next to the packaging lines. Here we grind products for numerous applications in the food industry. For example, an ice cream manufacturer wants to use pieces of cake as an ingredient. Or a burger shop sprinkles chips crunch as a topping. Whatever food you want to grind into crumb, our machine is at your disposal.

Large packaging, mixing and sifting

Do you want larger packaging? Then we switch with our permanent cooperation partner Petifood BV. In addition to packaging work, they also offer options for mixing and sieving large quantities. All their these services are also at our disposal. Our customers benefit from special rates. This way you will receive a complete range of food services via one quotation. Ideal right?

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Our core business is food packaging. Nevertheless, we also have experience with packaging non-food. Would you like to know more about the possibilities?

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Do you want to know more

Would you like to know more about the possibilities?

Outsourcing packing work, what does it cost? For a good quote, we first talk to each other. Of course we ask what you want to package, how much and in what packaging material. Contact us using the details below:

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